Where do web companies stand in 2017

Generally speaking, web companies are companies that offer web services to individuals, organizations, businesses and other companies. They ensure these companies and organizations have a presence on the internet which has become the global marketplace for not just goods, but also services.

This is but a general understanding of web companies and can be narrowed to a certain number of services. Though some companies go ahead to offer virtually all major web services to clients. Major web services include web design and development, web hosting and digital marketing.

Web companies over the past few years have become very popular even to non-technical individuals. This is due to the fact that the internet has grown to be a major market in the world where any needed commodity or service can be accessed.

From purchasing from e-commerce websites like ebay.com where you can purchase a laptop for use while residing in an East African country to freelance websites where you can pay a programmer to write a snippet of codes for you, or a graphic designer to design your company logo.

All these are powered by web companies- from developing websites for such functionality to hosting of such websites to make them available to people over the internet. And also digital marketers who drive these businesses as global as possible while boosting a client’s return on investment.

Web development companies

Web development companies have in their employment specific kind of programmers who use languages associated with web technology like PHP, Perl, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. They write codes to make websites function as intended by businesses. And they also build them from scratch. The developers also maintain and modify the client websites. Web development companies employ the following type of developers:

  • Front-End developers – They code what we call the front end of a website. This is the part of the website we see. They are also called client-side programmers.
  • Back-End Developers – Back end developers write programs that run on the server powering the website. The codes run on the server and affect the functionality of the website. They are usually proficient with programming languages like PHP, or ruby on rails. They are also called server-side programmers.
  • Full stack developers – These developers are knowledgeable in both client side and server side programming.


Web hosting companies

The Web hosting companies, make it possible for people to access their client’s website through the internet. The developed website and associated files are stored on a computer run by a web hosting company called a server.

The server delivers websites stored on them when they are requested for by users through a web browser. These servers have plenty of storage space for website files. Web hosting companies take care of physical storage and maintenance needed by web servers.

They also perform hosting software maintenance, upgrades, and repairs as needed to keep the websites they serve online without interruption. They offer a variety of packages designed to offer the hosting solutions that specific clients want. They can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center.

Digital marketing companies

Digital marketing companies are typically your standard web company. In properly structured digital marketing companies, you’d see web developers and graphic designers as part of the setup. Digital marketing agencies provide a steady and reliable boost in a client’s return on investment (ROI). This is very important in business as a higher ROI means higher profit.

Digital marketing is the most efficient way of marketing business in today’s world. Show me a multinational company and business with high sales, and I would show you their strong digital marketing teams or the agencies they patronize. Digital marketing can be seen as a data-driven and targeted brand promotion through technology. It is highly targeted and delivers measurable results.

Digital marketing companies are the leaders in driving today’s business world which is mainly internet based. It becomes so hard to advertise a business without turning to a digital marketer. That is the reason why people pay good money to acquire digital marketing skills, as it is on the ascendancy.

The year 2017 is going to see higher demand for the services of web companies especially those offering web development services, with 57.7% of small and medium-sized business owners intending to invest in a new/improved website. This makes for greater availability of web development jobs and more profit for web companies with web hosting companies included.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 27 percent employment growth for web developers by 2024.The expansion of e-commerce is expected to be the primary driver of web developer job growth in the next decade.

As more companies offer or expand their online retail presence, more web developers will be needed to build the websites visited by consumers to purchase their favorite products. Digital marketers will also be required to give these emerging businesses the presence they need for higher return on investment.

The increasing internet usage in 2017 means that more people will launch their websites. This is illustrated by the current popularity of the main hosting services. For instance, Amazon’s web hosting service hosts 7.5 million web sites. Given the increasing number of internet users, it can be expected that smaller hosting companies are also likely to do well in 2017.

Researchers who are compiling the web hosting statistics for 2017 believe that there will be more internet traffic in 2017 than the sum of all previous years. This is evidenced by the increase in the total number of websites being hosted.

Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms happen on mobile making businesses to think mobile first in 2017.

Social media research statistics for the year 2017 shows continued growth in social media usage overall for marketing, although some social media platforms have suffered reduced popularity in some countries. Others like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest, are still growing in usage and are going to be used more by digital marketers.