Top online tools for DNS lookup

Domain Name Server or DNS has a very vital role. If your domain is not pointed correctly then your website won’t be accessible. Think you have brought a New domain and a Hosting or you have just moved to another Hosting provider. You have updated DNS records from your Domain Registers control Panel or Your Hosting Provider. What if your website is still not accessible. How to find the error or test your DNS. You can perform DNS lookup and fix the error if you found any.

Here are few online tools to Test your DNS records.

MX Toolbox

Mx Toolbox is a multi-featured online tool for DNS lookup. This is a completely FREE tool to test your DNS. However if you need detailed report then you need to sign up for their services. Not only you can use MX toolbox for DNS lookup but they have bundled few other tools for you. MX toolbox has over 40 tools to test your network. You can check your Domain Health, MX records, A records, IP addresses, blacklist checkup, DMARC, TXT, A, AAAA, CNAME, SOA records, Ping your host, trace your host and much more.


Visit MX Toolbox

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is a free tool to test your DNS records and domain health. You can also test your server using Ping and Traceroute tool. They also feature a live website speed test which is very useful to check your webpage health.


Visit Pingdom Tools

Network Tools

Network tools is a popular tool for all your network activity test. Network Tools have features like DNS lookup, Express, Ping, Traceroute, Spam Blacklist check, URL encoding and decoding, Email, Network lookup and more. It also automatically detects your current systems IP address.

Visit Network Tools

Into DNS Lookup

IntoDNS is a powerful yet simple tool for DNS lookup. It will look for your DNS and mail server records. IndoDNS is a very fast and powerful tool if you need to test only your DNS and mail server.

Visit IntoDNS

DNS Inspect

This is another good tool to inspect your DNS error. This is simple and easy to use but the report it generates is much detailed. You can only perform DNS lookup. They do not have any other tools.

Visit DNS Inspect


This is another tool where you can test your DNS. This is also a simple tool but not powerful as IntoDNS. You won’t get much detail report using this tool but this is also a handy free tool.

Visit UltraTools

Whats My DNS

I personally do not like this tool. This is little complicated to use. You can not perform all in one DNS lookup here. instead, you have to check all DNS records individually like A records, CNAME records.

Visit the website

So next time if your website is not accessible then you can test your DNS using those free tools.

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