Shape your Website with the latest web design trends in 2017

Web design trends change every day. We always try to suppress the old techniques and move on with new design trends. However is it really worth to modify the design as soon as new trend hits the market?

Creating a Website isn’t simple. You have to keep many things in your mind. Back in 90’s the websites were not that complex. Even the browser had limited support for CSS. Now in 2017, the Internet world become complicated. Here are few design techniques you should follow.

Minimalist web design

Minimalist Web Design

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Whatever website you are creating, Just make it simple. Simple doesn’t mean basic layout. Create a website with fresh, focused content is what I am talking about. Use lots of white spaces. Make your heading distinct. The clean, straightforward and minimalist design is the key to a successful website.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

responsive web design trend by Magic Web

More than 70% visitors use a mobile to access a website. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you may lose them. It shouldn’t always be necessary to design a responsive website. Instead, you can develop a separate website which is mobile friendly. However responsive design cut down the cost of maintaining two different sites plus it is easy to maintain. A responsive website can boost your search engine ranking. Google and other search engines give responsive websites a plus point. Responsive websites are not on the top web design trend in 2017, It will be in trend for upcoming years. Mobile friendly websites are the future. This is the priority web design trend to follow.

You can test your website’s mobile friendliness on this excellent Google tool.

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Content first is the new web design trends

Design the website with real content. Using a dummy “Lorem Ipsum” content can confuse the designer and writer. Just prepare the content for every section of your site after wireframing. The designer will get a much better idea of the website they will work on. Not only it’s the benefit for designers to get a better understanding of the site, but It also gives you to get best out of your design. This technique is the new web design trend.

Flat and Material design

android material design

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Flat designs are in trend since Microsoft launch the concept with the Flat Windows 8 OS. Google launches the Material design concept. We have seen the majority of the apps using the material design concept. Google introduced the Material Design Lite for website owners. It’s a useful tool for web designers to create a minimal design with depth. The material design concept is similar to the flat design concept. However, it applies the shadows and geometric pattern to add more depth to the website. If you looking to use beautiful Flat color for your site, then you could use the Flat UI Color and Flat Color tool.


Typography is the most important aspect of any websites. Choose the Font and Size very carefully. Roboto, Lato & Open Sans are the new Standard of Typography. Choosing the Right font face for your website is very important. If your site is a Corporate site and you chose comic sans fonts, then all the effort will go to vain. Use lots of White Spaces. Make your headings bold and distinct so it could be visible.


White Spaces are the evergreen Web Design Trends

White spaces are not just a Web Design trends for 2017 but an important aspect to consider while designing your website. The website makes your content eye-catching and attract visitors. Google and other search engines also love websites which build for the audience and not only SEO in Mind.