Increase your WiFi Speed

Today’s world we highly dependent on WiFi. No matter if it’s a Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone or a Smart Television

Increase your WiFi Speed 1

. A slow WiFi signal can ruin your browsing experience. Even if you have a faster Internet connection, you may not utilize the speed without a proper WiFi optimization. Ever wonder how to get the best signal out of your WiFi connection? Here are few tweaks for this.

Change your router’s antenna position for better WiFi Speed

Changing router’s antenna position might help to get the best connection. Place your one antenna in a horizontal position and another in vertical. If you have only one antenna in your router then it is best to place in the vertical position only. However if you are using Macbook then you may need to position it horizontally. It depends on your device internal antenna. However, most of the device has antenna placed vertically.

Place your Router correctly

It is advised to place your WiFi router to the center of your room. Do not place any magnetic device, mirror or metal in front of your router. It can block your signal. Place your router in a table where the router is not covered by anything. If you place your router under the desk, it can weaken your signal strength. Hence, you will get less WiFi speed.

Upgrade your WiFi Router

If you have an old WiFi Router

Increase your WiFi Speed 1

then it might be the time to upgrade your router. New laptops and smartphones are using 802.11g or 802.11gn signal. If your router doesn’t have the same band then it is the time to upgrade your router. If your current router has all b,g and n then you already got the best router for you.

You can get this TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router

Increase your WiFi Speed 3


Increase your WiFi Speed 1

which is fast and economics. This router is only useful if you using a cable broadband service (Without a Telephone connection). If you are using an ADSL connection (With a telephone) then you can go for TP-LINK TD-W8960N Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem

Increase your WiFi Speed 5


Use External WiFi adapter

Laptop’s internal antenna is good for the signal reception but you can use an external WiFi adapter for your laptop or desktop to get the best WiFi Speed. You can buy TP-Link TL-WN822N 300Mbps USB Adapter

Increase your WiFi Speed 6

for your Laptop or desktop to boost your WiFi speed.

WiFi adapter

Choose the right WiFi channel

Your neighbor’s router may interfere with your channel. You can find the best WiFi channel for your router with WiFi Analyzer. Choose the best channel with less interference.

Reboot your router periodically

Rebooting your router once a day will keep the router in best standing. Power off your router when not in use. This will reduce the overheating problem of your router and it will last longer.

Find WiFi Thieves and secure your WiFi

Adding just a password is not enough. Hacking a WiFi is not much hard. Using a WPA password is a must. You should also change your default admin username and password. In most cases admin IP is

You can use your Old router to extend the range

You can use your old router to extend the range of WiFi Signal. It won’t make fast internet speed but it will definitely help you to access your WiFi network from every corner of your house.

Avoid interference with other electronic appliances

Your other electronic appliances like Microwave, cordless phones or other appliances can reduce your network speed if both use the same channel. You can buy dual band router or your phone with a different band. If this is not possible then do not place them together. Keep them away from each other as much as possible.


Use wires

WiFi is always best but to get the best speed from your Internet service provider, you should use wires.

App for WiFi Signal and network speed