How CodeGuard will protect your website

CodeGuard is the Time Machine for your website. It is the easy way to backup your complete website. Just with a single click you can restore your site to previous version. You will also get notification on any changes made to your site. Even if your website got hacked, you an revert your site to original version. Its affordable, innovative technology with many features. So the question is how you will get benefited from CodeGuard. Here is the answer.


Site Backup: Content security made simple

CodeGuard offers the most solid reinforcement available with 99.99% unwavering quality. They accomplish this by reproducing your information in secure areas over the world and moving down your site naturally. Our dashboard lets you know precisely when your next reinforcement will happen, what number of documents were included, changed, or erased in your past reinforcements, and lays the greater part of this data out in a straightforward way.


Site Monitoring: We stay on the ball

Ever contemplated how you’d get some answers concerning your site getting hacked? In the event that your site is hacked, it could be days or weeks before you even think about it. CodeGuard trusts that you ought to be the first to know, thus our observing framework perseveringly checks your site for changes regular. At the point when CodeGuard takes the day by day reinforcement, it contrasts what is on your site and the last form of your site put away in our framework. We call this a differential reinforcement, which is one of a kind to CodeGuard and substantially more effective at putting away your information than different administrations. On the off chance that any progressions are discovered, CodeGuard messages you with the points of interest!


Site Restore: CodeGuard can help you settle the issues

Should anything turn out badly, CodeGuard arrives to offer assistance. Erased records are currently recoverable, overwritten documents are presently reachable, and if your site is hacked, the malware is effectively removable. The majority of this with nothing to introduce. Subsequent to selecting which reinforcement rendition you need restored CodeGuard gives you a couple of alternatives to browse. You can perform a manual restore by asking for a zipped form of your reinforcement, or perform a single tick programmed restore and let us do the truly difficult work. You can likewise restore singular documents as required.