Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) to help mobile users. AMP is similar to HTML language. This is an Open Source project by Google. This is to create a better mobile experience. Google is already rolling out AMP pages in its mobile search result. So If you website is already AMP enabled then you are lucky, however if not then its time to create an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your website.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a project developed by google. This will help publishers to create faster loading content for mobile devices. An AMP enabled website will load faster even on a slow network connection. You have to create another version of your website or blog using AMP HTML. AMP HTML is very similar to the HTML language we currently use. AMP will also help you to increase your ranking on Google mobile search Engine.

How to use Accelerated Mobile Pages

You have to create a different version of your website using AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, and AMP content delivery network. AMP JavaScript is a faster JavaScript library, especially for mobile pages. However, you can not use the third-party JavaScript library as AMP doesn’t allow it. If your website is truly AMP enabled than Google will cache your files and serve it from their Content delivery network. AMP will give you the biggest boost by disabling slow CSS and make external resources asynchronous.

If you are using WordPress then you can easily make your website or blog AMP enabled by downloading the official AMP WordPress plugin.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a good approach by Google. It will sooner change the mobile browsing experience. If you already have an AMP website then you may notice your website is already featured in google’s mobile search result. It will boost up your website performance.

There is practically no disadvantage of AMP except the cost for developing a new AMP enabled website. You need to create a different version of your website because of so many restrictions in AMP. Your CSS file should not be more than 50 kb. You can not use a third-party JavaScript library. Because of those restrictions, your AMP enabled website might not look good in desktop browsers. You need to create a separate version for desktop and mobile (AMP).


If you already build an AMP version of your website then you can try to Validate it. To learn AMP HTML you can check these Tutorials. You can also find the code at GitHub.