CodeGuard FAQ

Consider the possibility that I need to switch arranges.

Exchanging arrangements is simple! Whenever you have the choice to move up to an alternate arrangement through the CloudFlare dashboard when you sign in.


How does installation work?

Arrangements are month-to-month. You will be charged toward the start of every month period by CloudFlare, taking into account your introductory charging date.

How would you reinforcement the static substance?

CodeGuard can interface by means of FTP or SFTP to reinforcement your static substance. An association with your server is opened once/day, and once the server association is built up, CodeGuard will verify whether any records have changed. On the off chance that progressions are distinguished, just the changed documents will be transmitted to CodeGuard’s servers. This keeps your data transmission utilization low and minimizes server sway.


Do you reinforcement databases?


At this moment MySQL is the main database that CodeGuard reinforcement works with. To empower database reinforcement, first contact your facilitating supplier and inquire as to whether CodeGuard’s IP locations should be whitelisted. We will then give those to you to go along to your facilitating supplier.

How does database reinforcement work?

You have a few choices in moving up your databases. CodeGuard can associate specifically to your MySQL database, normally through Port 3306, or by burrowing over SSH with your FTP accreditations or distinctive certifications. Like moving down the static substance, CodeGuard will open an association once/day. Unique in relation to the static substance reinforcement however, is that the whole database will be downloaded every time an association is opened. The database is analyzed by our form control framework once it achieves our servers, and just the new or changed substance is put away.


Will I reinforcement numerous sites?

Yes, you can! Different sites can be moved down with CodeGuard, and in the event that you have more than a few, we exceedingly prescribe the Professional or Enterprise Plans. These arrangements are highlight rich with devices for overseeing and regulating numerous reinforcements for various customers, and are planned for little organizations, creators, engineers, and offices.


Where are the reinforcements kept?

CodeGuard uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, otherwise called S3. While Amazon has a few distinct administrations, this is the most solid stockpiling framework on the planet, with 99.999999999% unwavering quality. Each of the nines after the decimal point number – there are nine of them – and this implies your reinforcements are sheltered with CodeGuard.


How does checking work and why is that vital?


CodeGuard opens an association with your server once per day, and verifies whether anything has changed. We do this by taking a gander at the names of the documents, the time stamps on them, and the record sizes. In the event that any progressions are discovered, you will be told by means of email of those progressions, and another reinforcement of that changed substance will initiate. This is essential since sites are helpless – to human blunder in altering, to outside assault, and innovation/equipment disappointments. Presently you will know promptly if something happens to your site, and you can cure it rapidly.


How does the restore/fix work?

At the point when a client looks to restore a past variant of their site, the primary thing CodeGuard does is to check the live site to see what substance is on it. This empowers us to rapidly push (or force) the distinctions to or from your site. For example, you may encounter a hack that progressions your .htaccess record and that’s it. Instead of reload your whole site, CodeGuard would essentially supplant the contaminated .htaccess document with your old clean duplicate.