Choosing the Right Domain Name Extension for your Brand

In this new internet era, Choosing the Right Domain Name Extension could be very Hard for your business. Most of the .com domain extensions are already registered. The .net extension is the second most popular on the Internet. However, not many options are available. Long and ugly .com domains may not suit your brand.

But the Good News is, ICANN has announced plenty of New Generic Top-Level Domain Names like .news, .design, .store .desi. However, there are Big questions. Are they really an Alternative of .com? Is it worth registering these new TLDs? Are they any good for Search Engine Optimisation? Alternatively, the only option left is a long and ugly .com or .net extensions.

We can help you to choose the right Domain Name for your Business. Here are the tips on how to choose the Right Extension that will be perfect for your brand.

Most Popular Domain Name Extension – The .com


COM extension is still king. According to the Verisign, more than 130 million domain names have been registered already. The .com have no longer 6 digit domains available to register. That means all the Good Names you wanted to choose to build your brand is available. For example, you have a cafe business called Hector’s Cafe. You wanted to register the .com extension, but unfortunately, the is not available. Of course, it won’t look good if you add Sometimes the scenario can get worse than you might think.

For example, you have a cafe business named Hector’s Cafe. You wanted to register the .com extension, but unfortunately, the is not available. Of course, it won’t look good if you add Sometimes the scenario can get worse than you might think. Even you may end up with registering similar .com address of established sites which will be hard to rank high on search engines.

But Still, the .com is the most popular and valuable for Branding. If you wish to register a .com domain either use a long makeshift name, else end up with irrelevant misspelled names.

The Second most popular .NET

Net Website

According to Verisign, only 18 million .net extensions are registered. You still have a high chance to get a 6+ digit Domain Names that may be available to Register. However, most of the good names are already registered. Even if you find a Good .net name, that might already get registered with .com extension.

Other Domain Extensions

If you want to do business globally, then you can register a .ORG domain name. However, the org represent an Organization. It is not advisable to register an ORG domain for an e-commerce store. You can also register country level TLDs or ccTLDs. For India you can register .in or USA and Canada based business can register .us & .ca, Australians can register .au. However, as these domains are country based, it’s too hard to make the website reach globally. If you are doing only business locally than these can be your perfect domain extensions.

The Fancy New Top Level Domain Names

dot .Store Domain Name

ICANN declared more than 1200 generic top-level domain names. It is easy for new businesses to get a perfect brandable and relevant domain name for their brand. Even tough you are an established business, those new domain name extensions can be a good choice for branding.

You are a Veterinary doctor and wanted to register a domain for you or your clinic. The Domain can be,, You can register a domain for your retail shop, cafe, restaurants like hello.retail,,, A tour operator can register like, world.tour’t it cool?

Isn’t it cool? Moreover, you can always redirect these new TLDs to your already registered .com domains or vice-versa.

Choose your Domain Name early and Wisely

Don’t be late. There are millions of New Domains already recorded and indexed on Google. It’s your golden chance to get the perfect relevant name for your business. As mentioned earlier a Webdesign.Blog domain does not only looks good, but it’s short and relevant than it’s .com counterpart.

Choose the domain wisely for your business. A domain name is not only a digital branding or web address of your website, but it’s the key to success. Book your name as soon as possible before someone else get it.