What is SMS Alert or Notification?


We have Launched New SMS Notification System for Our Customers. This system works same as our Existing Email Notification System. Whenever there is any Activity on our Website, you will get an Instant SMS Notification.

For Example, You have submitted a Ticket and Went outside of your Office where you can not check your Emails so Frequently. Once our Team made an Reply to your tecket, you will get an Instant SMS Alert on your Mobile Number.

Even This system will notify you

  • On new orders.
  • Whenever new invoice generated.
  • whenever you changes your password.
  • On new support tickets.
  • Whenever we replies to your support ticket.
  • On Activating your Products or Services, you can get username/password via SMS.
  • O Suspend/Terminate/Cancellation.
  • Get notification, 10 days ago before your domain expires.
  • On due invoices.
  • On Successful Payment.
  • And More......

NOTE: This Service won't replace your current Email Notification System. This service is provided in addition to Email Alert for FREE of Cost.



You Will recieve SMS Notification on your Mobile Number Provided by You.

NOTE: We can not Send Notification to DND/NDNC Registered Number.


To Get SMS Notification please follow the billow steps,

  • Enter a Valid Non DND Mobile Number on "Mobile Number" Field on new Orders/Registration.
  • If you are an Existing Customer then update your "Mobile Number" with a Non DND Valid Mobile Number.
  • Activate SMS Alert Option by Choosing YES from the Drop Down Menu..

Thats it. You are done.

NOTE: Currently this service is only Available to Indian Customers. This service will be available to our International Customers soon.

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